source: Ross Mayhem


“The King of Agricultural Equipment”


  • Fast
  • Flies well
  • Large fuel tank
  • Great on flat terrain and uphills
  • Excellent at breaking obstacles
  • Adjustable front-loader and damage level
  • Powerful Overcharged Turbo
  • Tractor Wars!


  • Without rollcage, driver is very vulnerable especially when doing wheelies or landing on back wheels due to far back sitting position
  • If not careful, bucket has a tendency to get stuck occasionally, e.g. on rope bridges, and can flip the tractor over in an unpredictable way
  • Thrusters not available
  • Even though it is good at many things, it is often not the best for specific tasks

Nevertheless, it tends to be vastly underrated and is an extremely fun vehicle to drive.

Wiki Description

  • “The Tractor is a heavy vehicle that has decent speed and acceleration, is very stable and has a large fuel tank. This makes it a better choice on maps with generally flat terrain, though it is also one of the best vehicles at climbing very steep hills with the right Tuning Parts. The suspension is decent.”
  • “The Tractor comes with a functional front loader that can be used by pressing both pedals (both sides of the device screen) at once, leaving it firm to the front, upwards or loose. This requires some strategy, as the loader can affect the Tractor’s balance. The loader bucket’s damage can be upgraded, making the tractor an ideal vehicle for maps that have lots of destructible obstacles, like Backwater Bog, Racer Glacier and Skyrock Outpost.”
  • “Your character sits at the rear side of the Tractor, making excessive wheelies a dangerous maneuver. It is best to have the roll cage part installed to help avoid this problem”


  • Power is delivered via the back wheels. The small front wheels provide stability but can detract from the speed of the vehicle. Accordingly, acceleration is often strongest when balancing on the back wheels.
  • Having the bucket firm upfront may increase distance in the air if angled correctly, and can assist in crossing finish lines first. The bucket in upwards position provides a measure of protection for the driver e.g. when driving through a cave. Nevertheless, the vehicle often performs best when the bucket is loose.


  • It is generally optimal to have Engine and Grip as high as possible.
  • Reducing Suspension can make the vehicle lighter and therefore accelerates a touch quicker; however, this comes at the costs of reduced stability. At very low suspension levels, it is not easy to control.
  • Increasing Damage makes the tractor heavier and allows it to break obstacles more easily. Nevertheless, it is sometimes best to set it as low as possible in order to lighten the vehicle and to pass over obstacles without breaking them.

Parts recommendations

  • Wings, WinterTires, and Magnet are often useful.
  • Rollcage can provide good protection even if not maxed.
  • Wings & OverchargedTurbo work well together. Surprising speed and distance is possible when triggering OverchargedTurbo at the same time as launching into the air.

  • Cups:
    • Afterburner OverchargedTurbo CoinBoost is often the fastest combination and upgrading these parts is highly recommended.
    • Wings Afterburner CoinBoost and Wings Afterburner OverchargedTurbo are excellent combinations as well.
  • Adventures:
Adventure Tractor Parts
Countryside Wings WinterTires CoinBoost
Forest Wings Magnet CoinBoost
City Wings Magnet JumpShocks
Mountain Rollcage WinterTires CoinBoost
Rustbucket Reef Wings FumeBoost CoinBoost
Winter Wings WinterTires CoinBoost
Mines Wings WinterTires WheelieBoost
Desert Valley Wings JumpShocks LandingBoost
Beach Wings WinterTires CoinBoost
Backwater Bog Wings FumeBoost CoinBoost
Racier Glacier Wings Rollcage CoinBoost
Patchwork Plant Wings WinterTires Rollcage
Sky Rock Outpost Wings JumpShocks LandingBoost
Forest Trials Wings WinterTires Rollcage
Intense City Wings Rollcage JumpShocks
Raging Winter Wings WinterTires WheelieBoost

Tractor Wars