Is it ok for me to make a few English suggestions for you to keep in mind for your tutorials. The words you use make sense but there are sometimes other words that would be used more commonly?

  • Rather than “obligatory”, use “necessary”
  • “Penultimate” → “second best” or “second highest”
  • “clamp” → “step on”

Was definitely an improvement this week especially not using “clamp” 👍

  • “make a flip back” → “make a backflip”
  • “passage” → “route”
  • “get acceleration” → “accelerate”

I hope you don’t mind my English suggestions 😁 Here are a few minor comments:

  • In general, “accelerate” is a verb. As a noun use “acceleration” e.g. “good acceleration” - or “accelerator” if referring to the thing that leads to acceleration.
  • “With a Slight deviation backwards” → “leaning slightly backwards”
  • “With step on accelerate” → “while accelerating”
  • “We step on accelerate” → “we accelerate” or “we step on gas” or “we step on the accelerator” (English is not an easy language. The way you phrased it was not too bad.)
  • “Hillock” → “hill” or “small hill” (hillock is not a commonly used word)
  • “flew” is past tense. Use “fly” if present tense.

The English was pretty good this week 👍 - a few very minor points

  • “make a tilt” → “tilt”
  • for CC-EV it is called “boost” and not “momentum” in the game
  • “step on two pedals” → “step on both pedals” - “two” is ok but might imply that there are more than two in total.

The Canyon Job

  • fly forward “on a given trajectory” -> “along the given trajectory” or “in the shown direction”
  • “the most important first jump” -> “the first jump is the most important”
  • “improve your jump shocks” - this is ok but “upgrade your jump shocks” would be even better
  • “point of landing” -> “landing point” sounds better
  • “memorize the relief of the track” - “relief” is not commonly used. Maybe “memorize the shape of the track surface”?
  • “the essense of the route …”-> “in essence…” is suffient
  • “land on the descent of the slide” -> “land on the downslope”
  • similarly “downhill side of the slide” -> “downslope”
  • “landing with while accelerating” -> “landing while accelerating” (no “with”)
  • “land here from the LB” -> “land here and trigger the LB”
  • “mini-tramp” -> “small ramp” :-)
  • “understated parts” -> “downgraded parts”

A decade of driving

  • “Catch the Turbo” → “Trigger the Turbo”
  • “use WB and need maximum acceleration” → “Use WB and accelerate to the max”. “need maximum acceleration” might be ok in another sentence but in this context, a strong action word was required to be consistent with the rest of the sentence.
  • “Absolutely similar route” → “Same route”
  • “and help the thruster” → “and help with the thrusters” or “and use the thrusters”
  • “Catch/catching the LB” → “Trigger/triggering the LB”
  • “You can faster” → “you can go faster”
  • “in flight” → “in-flight” (needs a hyphen)

Rocket Team

  • “on the down of the hill,, not on the up uphill” → “on the downhill, not on the uphill”
  • “gain maximum accelerate” → “gain maximum acceleration” (accelerate is a verb, acceleration is the noun)
  • “Jump Shocks release in advance” → “release Jump Shocks in advance”
  • I liked “activate the boost” 👍. Maybe even better than engage or trigger in general!
  • “Immediately press the accelerate” → “immediately accelerate” (accelerate is a verb)
  • “to the mark 750m” → “to the 750m mark”

Live and Learn

  • “We release the acceleration” → “we stop accelerating”
  • “We step on the acceleration” → “we step on the accelerator
  • “Land down on the canister” → “land on the canister”
  • “A difficult but passable track” → “a difficult but doable track”
  • “Get into this isthmus” → maybe “hole”. Not sure if isthmus makes sense here, and it is not a common word
  • “NOT trigger a perfect start and just keep the acceleration” → “Don’t do a perfect start, and just keep accelerating”
  • “release the acceleration or apply the brake” → “release the accelerator or …”

Hypersonic Hillclimbers

  • “Step on the acceleration pedal in advance to trigger the turbo” - maybe “early” would be better than “in advance” in general
  • “To fly uphill, you need to improve your wings → “… to have upgraded wings”
  • “make a jump at the top of the hill” → “jump at the top of the hill”
  • “Not cling” - “not get stuck”

Salt Mountain

  • “gain acceleration” is not wrong but maybe “accelerate” would be better?
  • “…and NOT make the jump” → “… and DO NOT make the jump”
  • “Release a little early Jump Shocks…” → “release Jump Shocks a little early…”
  • “To give acceleration” → “to gain speed
  • “the higher the speed, the harder it is to drive” - bus cannot “drive” in the air - maybe “use thrusters” instead?
  • “Make a hook for the rest of the fuel” → “turn before using the rest of the fuel”