I no longer update this page as I now keep the history on the PE Server. Click on the following link to go there: https://discord.gg/DTuZTaD2w6

I also used to add historical PE info to the Wiki so feel free to look there too

Start Date Event Name Type YT
6th April 2022 CAR-KOUR Multi Jump 🎦
30th March 2022 HIIIIIIIIIIIIL RACER! Time Attack 🎦
23rd March 2022 No Air And No Cares Moon Jump 🎦
16th March 2022 The Sky is Lava No Air 🎦
9th March 2022 Newton’s Law Long Kick 🎦
2nd March 2022 Multipart Madness Multipart Timed 🎦
23rd February 2022 Sailor Sky Rock Moon Stunts 🎦
16th February 2022 Steady Hands Wheelie 🎦
9th February 2022 Fractured Romance Multi Jump 🎦
2nd February 2022 Lug-Nuts & Laid Rubber Nian Chase 🎦
24th January 2022 Servo Scramble Multi Jump 🎦
17th January 2022 Aerial Automobiles Long Jump 🎦
12th January 2022 WE CAN’T STOP Downhill 🎦
5th January 2022 Garage Power, Make Up! Moon Time-attack 🎦
29th December 2021 Going the Distance Uphill Distance 🎦
22nd December 2021 Nutcrackers & Neckflips Gift Smash 🎦
15th December 2021 Sleds Have No Seatbelts Sledding 🎦
8th December 2021 FERRIS-WHEELIE Wheelie 🎦
1st December 2021 Express Delivery Cargo 🎦
24th November 2021 Need for Swiftness 2km Time attack 🎦
17th November 2021 In the Name of the Moon Moon Long Jump 🎦
10th November 2021 Tachycardia Time attack 🎦
3rd November 2021 CC EV - GG WP EZ CC-EV Wars 🎦
27th October 2021 28 Hills Later Zombie Chase 🎦
20th October 2021 Speedy Hollow Pumpkin Smash 🎦
13th October 2021 United in Suffering Dribble Distance 🎦
6th October 2021 Canyoneer Bikers from Earth Moon Stunts 🎦
29th September 2021 Paradoxical Pain No Fuel, No Air 🎦
22nd September 2021 Stop’n Go Pitstop 🎦
15th September 2021 Where We Dropping? Downhill 🎦
8th September 2021 Jump. Land. Repeat. Long Jump 🎦
1st September 2021 KASA Space Program Moon Stunts 🎦
25th August 2021 Team Building Exercise Breaking 🎦
18th August 2021 Back Wheel Blues Wheelie 🎦
11th August 2021 Ticking Clock Time-attack 🎦
4th August 2021 The Milliseconds Between No Air 🎦
28th July 2021 Orbital Overdrive Moon Time-attack 🎦
21st July 2021 I am Speed Time-attack 🎦
14th July 2021 Retro Rewind Classic 🎦
7th July 2021 Dribble Trouble Soccer 🎦
30th June 2021 We Don’t Need Roads Moon Jump 🎦
23rd June 2021 Under Pressure Cargo 🎦
16th June 2021 Superbike Wars Time-attack 🎦
9th June 2021 More Torque Wheelie 🎦
2nd June 2021 Moons of Mischief Moon Stunts 🎦
26th May 2021 The Fast And The Last 2km adv 🎦
19th May 2021 Momentous Momentum Time-attack 🎦
12th May 2021 Dark Side Of The Hill Moon Jump 🎦
5th May 2021 Anger Management Breaking 🎦
29th April 2021 Jump Like You Mean It Multi Jump 🎦
21th April 2021 Tractor Wars Time-attack 🎦
14th April 2021 Counterbalance Crisis Wheelie 🎦
7th April 2021 Cheese Wheel Moon Stunts 🎦
31st March 2021 Egg Carting cargo 🎦
24th March 2021 Mono Wars 2 Time-attack 🎦
17th March 2021 Accelerating Allergies Time-attack 🎦
10th March 2021 Sky Rock Sonnet Moon Jump 🎦
3rd March 2021 Red Car’d Long Kick 🎦
24th February 2021 Top Gear Bottom Gear Uphill distance 🎦
18th February 2021 Lug-Nuts and Leadfoots Nian Chase 🎦
10th February 2021 Choco-Carting Chaos Cargo 🎦
3rd February 2021 Got A Crush On You Heartbreaker 🎦
27th January 2021 Pass On With Difficulty Moon Time-attack 🎦
20th January 2021 A Winterful Life Long Jump 🎦
13th January 2021 Vertical Limit Wheelie 🎦
6th January 2021 Drive Hard Time-attack 🎦
30th December 2020 Sky Rock Samba Moon stunts 🎦
23rd December 2020 Santa’s Little Helper Santa’s little helper 🎦
16th December 2020 Shreddin’ the Gnar Flip 🎦
9th December 2020 Salt Water Water run 🎦
2nd December 2020 Fan Favourites Time-attack 🎦
25th November 2020 Ground is Lava Multi Jump 🎦
18th November 2020 Sticky Wheels No Air 🎦
11th November 2020 Moon Malarkey Moon Jump 🎦
4th November 2020 Rotator Rampage Time-attack 🎦
28th October 2020 Graveyard Grand Prix Chase 🎦
21st October 2020 Pumpkiñata Pumpkin Smash 🎦
14th October 2020 Zompede Zombie Chase 🎦
7th October 2020 Hill Climber Wars Time-attack 🎦
30th September 2020 Time-Attack from Outer Space Moon Time-attack 🎦
23rd September 2020 Hill-arious Uphill distance 🎦
16th September 2020 Gotta go fast Cargo 🎦
9th September 2020 Wheels of Time Wheelie 🎦
2nd September 2020 The Fabulous Four Time-attack 🎦
26th August 2020 A Grand Day Out Moon Stunts 🎦
19th August 2020 Bouncing Bill Long Jump 🎦
12th August 2020 Speed Bumps Multi Jump 🎦
5th August 2020 The Bill Effect Classic 🎦
29th July 2020 Running on Empty No Fuel 🎦
22nd July 2020 Rocketperson Moon Jump 🎦
15th July 2020 Watercross Water run 🎦
8th July 2020 Balance Breaker Wheelie 🎦
1st July 2020 Mono Wars Mono Wars 🎦
24th June 2020 Carball Soccer 🎦
17th June 2020 Track Day City Time-attack 🎦
10th June 2020 Falling Down Downhill 🎦
3rd June 2020 Get Up to Get Down Uphill timed 🎦
27th May 2020 Moons of Madness Moon stunts 🎦
20th May 2020 Hydrolocked Underwater timed 🎦
13th May 2020 Dumping the Clutch Wheelie 🎦
6th May 2020 Pit Stop Pitstop 🎦
29th April 2020 Orbital Time Attack Moon time-attack 🎦
22nd April 2020 Rising Anger Uphill Distance 🎦
15th April 2020 Jump Around Long jump 🎦
8th April 2020 Most Eggcellent Egg Carting 🎦
1st April 2020 Hot Rod Rampage Time-attack 🎦
25th March 2020 Where’s the cheese? Moon stunts 🎦
18th March 2020 No Fuel? No Problem No fuel 🎦
11th March 2020 One Wheel To Rule Them All Wheelie 🎦
4th March 2020 Old Fashioned Classic 🎦
26th February 2020 Skip; Hop & A Leap Year No air 🎦
19th February 2020 Fly me to the moon Moon Jump 🎦
12th February 2020 Jumping the Shark Long jump 🎦
5th February 2020 Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 🎦
29th January 2020 Kickoff Kick off 🎦
22nd January 2020 Lunar Lug-Nut Festival Nian chase 🎦
15th January 2020 Wheelie Wheelie 🎦
8th January 2020 Bill!; We Have a Problem Moon No Fuel 🎦
1st January 2020 Chills and Spills Multi Jump 🎦
25th December 2019 Easier sled than done Sledding 🎦
18th December 2019 Handle with Care Santa’s little helper 🎦
11th December 2019 Santa’s Little Helper Santa’s little helper 🎦
4th December 2019 Flipping Heck Flip 🎦
27th November 2019 Turbo Turkey City time-attack 🎦
20th November 2019 Hill Climb Uphill timed 🎦
13th November 2019 Moon Tricks Moon Stunts 🎦
6th November 2019 Might As Well Jump Long Jump 🎦
30th October 2019 Pumpkin Smash pumpkin smash 🎦
23th October 2019 Zombie Chase Zombie Chase 🎦
16th October 2019 Water Run Water run 🎦
9th October 2019 Wheelie Wheelie 🎦
2nd October 2019? Time Attack Time-attack 🎦
25th September 2019 Moon Tricks Moon Stunts 🎦
18th September 2019 Multi Jump Multi Jump 🎦
11th September 2019 Hill Climb Uphill timed 🎦
4th September 2019 Wheelie Wheelie 🎦
28th August 2019 Moon Jump Moon Jump 🎦
21st August 2019 Back to School Time-attack 🎦
14th August 2019 Classic Time Attack Classic 🎦
7th August 2019 Angry Bill Breaking 🎦
31st July 2019 Moon Tricks Moon stunts 🎦
24th July 2019 Wheelie Wheelie 🎦
17th July 2019 Dangerous Downhill Downhill 🎦
10th July 2019 Over The Top Time-attack 🎦
3rd July 2019 Long Kick Long kick 🎦
26th June 2019 Classic Time Attack Classic 🎦
19th June 2019 Moon Tricks Moon stunts 🎦
12th June 2019 Rage Climb Uphill Distance 🎦
5th June 2019 Long Jump Long Jump 🎦
29th May 2019 Hill Climb League Soccer time attack 🎦
22nd May 2019 Moon Racing Moon time-attack 🎦
15th May 2019 Wheelie Wheelie 🎦
8th May 2019 Uphill Endurance Uphill timed 🎦
1st May 2019 Tanks For Nothing Time-attack 🎦
24th April 2019 Moon Moon Stunts 🎦
17th April 2019 Egg Carting Egg carting 🎦
10th April 2019 Track Day Time-attack 🎦
3rd April 2019 Offroad Jump Long jump 🎦
27th March 2019 Jumpy Attack Multi jump 🎦
20th March 2019 Moon Stunt Moon stunts 🎦
13th March 2019 Wheelie Wheelie 🎦
6th March 2019 Fuels Gone No fuel 🎦
27th February 2019 Downhill Downhill 🎦
20th February 2019 Time Attack Classic Classic 🎦
13th February 2019 Moon Jump Moon Jump 🎦
4th February 2019 Chinese New Year Nian chase 🎦
30th January 2019 Kickoff Kick off 🎦
23rd January 2019 Rage Climb Uphill distance 🎦
16th January 2019 Super Jump Long jump 🎦
9th January 2019 Time Attack   🎦
2nd January 2019 Moon Moon Stunts 🎦
26th December 2018 Downhill   🎦
19th December 2018 Santa’s Little Helper   🎦
12th December 2018 Snowmobile Water Run   🎦
5th December 2018 Bike Stunts   🎦
21st November 2018 Hill Climb   🎦
14th November 2018 Track Day   🎦
7th November 2018 Moon Moon Stunts 🎦
31st October 2018 Halloween Zombie Chase 🎦
17th October 2018 Time Attack   🎦
10th October 2018 Target Jump   🎦
3rd October 2018 Hill Climb   🎦
26th September 2018 Moon Moon Stunts 🎦
19th September 2018 Target Jump   🎦
12th September 2018 Hill Climb   🎦
29th August 2018 Bike Stunts   🎦
15th August 2018 Moon Jump   🎦
8th August 2018 Time Attack   🎦
22nd June 2018 Goal   🎦

Prior version

  • 2021-07-21 I Am Speed (Time-attack) Trial of Balance(Downhill Trials) Whipclash(Spring City) Visions of Victory(Dark Roads) Captain’s Log(Cup in the Woods) The Big Dunes(Sand in Swimsuit) Four-Wheel Park(Countryside Cup) Flipway(Dirty Rally) Hot Tarmac(Bill’s Circuit) No Step on Snek (Interstate Cup) Like a Hawk(Stormrider Cup)
  • 2021 -07-14 Retro Rewind (Classic) Classic 1-10
  • 2021-07-07 Dribble Trouble (Soccer) Goal 1-10
  • 2021-06-30 We Don’t Need Roads Moon Jump 1-6
  • 2021-06-23 Under Pressure (Cargo) The Ruins(Downhill Cup), Big Air(Big Air Cup), Landing Drive(Big Air Cup), The Quarry(Dirty Rally), The Dunes(Beach Cup), Silo Showdown(Challenger Cup), Sunburnt(Desert Cup),Carting (It’s Mine!)
  • 2021-06-16 Superbike Wars (Superbike Timed) Captain’s Log, Big Air, Happy Camper, Bill’s landing, Let it snow, The big dunes, Happy Miner, Trial of Balance, Face Plant, Dusky Vale
  • 2021-06-09 More Torque (Wheelie) 1.Bog 2.Beach 3.Forest 4.City 5.City 6.Bog 7.Mountain 8.Desert 9. Glacier
  • 2021-06-02 Moons of Mischief (Moon Stunts)
  • 2021-05-26 The Fast and the Last (2km adv) Beach, City, Forest, Desert, Bog
  • 2021-05-19 Momentous Momentum (timed) Trial of Balance, Whipclash, Visions of Victory, Captain’s Log, The Big Dunes, Four-Wheel Park, Flipway, Hot Tarmac, No Step on Snek, Like a Hawk, Twisted Trees
  • 2021-05-12 Dark Side of the HIll (Moon Long Jump) Moon jump 1-6
  • 2021-05-05 Anger Management (Breaking) Demolition 1-6
  • 2021-04-28 Jump like you mean it (Multi Jump) Multi jump 1-10
  • 2021-04-21 Tractor Wars (Tractor Timed) Beach Boys, Bumpy Ride, No Skidding, Hot Tarmac, SeeSaw Road, Showgrounds, Silo Showdown, The Dip, The Dunes, Trial of Fall
  • Counterbalance Crisis (Wheelie) Wheelie 1-9: Country, Beach, Mine, Underwater, Winter, Bog, Mountain, Desert, Glacier
  • Cheese Wheel (Moon Stunts) Moon Jumps, Lunar Base, Rocket Jump, Over the Base, Depths of the Moon, Antenna Field, Tunnel Route, Two Passages, Moon Loops
  • Egg carting (cargo) Muddy road, Happy miner Whipclash, Lost in transmission, The dip, The quarry, Smooth curves, Logs and rocks, Fury road, Spartan Racing, Barn ride
  • Mono Wars 2 (Monowheel Timed) Big Air, Happy Camper, Bill’s landing, Let it snow, The big dunes, Happy Miner, Trial of Balance, Face Plant, Nose Miner, Captain’s Log
  • Accelerating Allergies (Timed) Muddy road, Circuit 9, Down the tube, Tired alligators, Coral quarrel, Take off, Trials of fall, The Quarry, Fast lane, Highs and lows - Superbike afterburner coinboost wings
  • Sky Rock Sonnet (Moon Long Jump) Moon Jump 1-6
  • Red Car’d (Long Kick) Long Kick 1-8
  • Top Gear Bottom Gear (Uphill Climb) Up’n’Up, Sky’s the Limit, Top of the World, Over the Top, Up, Up and Away, Mount Dizzy, To the Summit, King of the Hill, Climb It
  • Lug-Nuts and Leadfoots (Nian Chase) nian chase, home sweet home, angry beast, night of nian - Rally WinterTires Wings CoinBoost
  • Choco-Carting Chaos (Cargo) Beach Boys (Beach Cup) The Pond (Cup in the Woods), Snow Time, Yellow Snow (Winter Cup), Four-Wheel Park (Countryside Cup), Barn Ride (Challenger Cup), The Dark Knuckle - Hotrod CoinBoost FuelBoost Magnet/LandingBoost
  • Got a Crush on You (Smashing Hearts) Valentines 1-5
  • Pass on with Difficulty (Timed) Moon Jumps, Over the Base, Antenna Field, Man in the Moon, Moon Maze, Rocket Jump, Depths of the Moon, Tunnel Route
  • Winterful Life (Long Jump) Forrest Jump, Jump in the Woods, Mine Jump, Mountain Jump, Steep Mountain Jump, Beach Jump, Bogwater Jump, Ski Jumping Hill, Glacier Jump, Underwater Jump , Countryside Jump, AirTime
  • Vertical Limit (Wheelie) Wheelie 1-9: Country, Beach, Mine, Underwater, Winter, Bog, Mountain, Desert, Glacier
  • Drive Hard (Timed): The Big Dunes, Four-Wheel Park, Flipway, Hot Tarmac, No Step on Snek, Like a Hawk, Trial of Balance, Whipclash, Visions of Victory, Captain’s Log
  • Sky Rock Samba (Moon stunts): Moon Jumps, Lunar Base, Rocket Jump, Over the Base, Depths of the Moon, Antenna Field, Tunnel Route, Two Passages, Moon Loops
  • Santa’s Little Helper (Cargo): Present panic, In a hurry, Cargo express, Gifts in the air, Smooth ride, Let it snow, Slippery slope
  • Shreddin’ the Gnar (Flip): Downhill, Castle Crash, Snow Tunnel, Ice Cavern, Down’n’Down, Snow Time
  • Salt Water (Water): 1-8
  • Fan Favourites (Timed): Captains log, The big dunes, Four wheel park, Flipway, Trial of balance
  • Ground is Lava (Multi Jump): 1-10
  • Sticky wheels (No Airtime): The great milenko, Echoside, Magnets, How do they work, Shore stone field, Smooth landings
  • Moon Malarkey (Moon Jump): 1-6
  • Rotator Rampage (Timed): Reverse, Double jump, Different approach, hold on, two islands
  • Graveyard Grand Prix (Chase): Zombie: run, sprint, valley, canyon, walk
  • Pumkinata (Pumpkin Smash): 1-5
  • Zompede (Chase): Zombie: mountain, cliff, land, hill
  • Hill Climber Wars (Timed): The Quarry, Factory Settings, Let it Snow, Bridges & Stones, Fury Road, Bat Country, Bill’s Landing, Smooth Curves, The Dip, Heat Club, No Skidding, Bottom Gear
  • Time-Attack from Outer Space (Timed): Moon Jumps, Lunar Base, Rocket Jump, Over the Base, Depths of the Moon, Antenna Field, Tunnel Route, Two Passages, Moon Loops, Maze in the Moon, Coins in the Moon, Moon Shine, Man in the Moon, Moon Maze, Fly me to the Moon, Flipping Moon, Moonlight Sonata
  • Hill-arious (Uphill): 1-5
  • Old events - from 2019